Keynote speakers

Ahmed Aboutaleb Keynote speaker
Ahmed Aboutaleb Ahmed Aboutaleb, Mayor of Rotterdam
Andrew Waddelove Keynote speaker
Andrew Waddelove

Andrew Waddelove, Senior Sustainability Consultant at EC Harris

Carl Rohde Keynote speaker
Carl Rohde

Carl Rohde, Professor Trendwatching & Innovation at Shanghai Institute of Technology

Hazem Galal Keynote speaker
Hazem Galal Hazem Galal, Global Cities & Local Government Sector Leader at PwC
Huibert Pols Keynote speaker
Huibert Pols

Huibert Pols, Rector Magnificus, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Khoo Teng Chye Keynote speaker
Khoo Teng Chye Khoo Teng Chye, Executive Director of Centre for Liveable Cities, Singapore
Leo van den Berg Keynote speaker
Leo van den Berg

Leo van den Berg, Professor in Urban Economics & Management at Erasmus University

Paul Bevan Keynote speaker
Paul Bevan

Paul Bevan, (Former) Director of EUROCITIES

Peter Kresl Keynote speaker
Peter Kresl

Peter Kresl, Professor in Economics at Bucknell University

Saskia Sassen Keynote speaker
Saskia Sassen Saskia Sassen, Professor in Urban Sociology at Columbia University
Savvas Verdis Keynote speaker
Savvas Verdis

Dr. Verdis, LSE Cities Senior Research Fellow at the London School of Economics and an urban infrastructure economist at Siemens

Trude Maas-Brouwer Keynote speaker
Trude Maas-Brouwer Trude Maas-Brouwer, Voorzitter Utrecht Development Board